Saturday, 08 October 2016, 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM
University of Arizona Marley Auditorium (Room 230), Tucson, Arizona
More info here.

VIP Data goes public at the LP-DAAC:We are pleased to announce that our data record, the Vegetation Index and Phenology ESDRs are now being distributed from the USGS. Please follow this link for access.

DataExplorer Update: We are now offering 3 options to access our data via the DataExplorer. You will be presented with a list of option when you open the DataExplorer. We recommend the Cesium based interface as it is the most stable.

Terra MODIS data is now back in production,and all products are now generated. However, some data (Feb. and March) was lost during the instrument shutdown.

Terra MODIS data (and other instruments too) are not available since Feb. 18th, 2016. The Terra spacecraft entered safe mode on Feb 18th, then science mode starting Feb. 24th, 2016. Data is collected for science evaluation only. More info .

The VIP Data record. ATBD and User Guide are being reviewed and will be available soon. for an advance copy contact the Lab.

Our VIP Data record. User Guide and ATBD will soon be posted online.

Our VIP Lab. will be moving to a new location on the University of Arizona Campus.
We are doing our best to keep all services running uninterrupted, but please do let us know in case something is not working properly. Thank you-

VIP-PHEN Phenology Analysis tool is now public
The VIP Lab. is now making public their interactive phenology and time series analysis tool with full access to the VIP multi-senors V4.0 vegetation index data records. Send us feedback.


V4 is now public
The new VIP reprocessed Data collection 4.0 is now public.

Google Chrome no longer runs the Google Earth plugin, This resulted from Google's decision to drop support for GoogleEarth plugin in their new versions of Chrome (39+ for the 32 bit versions and all 64Bit versions).
While we plan to explore solutions to this issue the only work around now is to use Firefox, Safari, or Internet explorer, or if you use a slightly older version of Chrome (32bit and V39 or older).

We are still trying to get the V4 data record out to the public. While the Vegetation Index time series has been complete for a while, the phenology record still requires few adjustments. Best estimates is for the full record to be out in about 2 more weeks from Today.

Finally our V4 reprocessed data record is ready for release. In addition an improved DataExplorer and a powerful online and interactive Remote Sensing based Phenology analysis tool will all be public. Stay tuned-

We are getting ready to release a powerful online and interactive Remote Sensing based Phenology analysis tool. Stay tuned-

We are organizing the second AGU Long Term MultiSensor data session at AGU 2014 in San Francisco, CA.

Session Name: Multi-sensor Long Term Data Records of Land Surface Parameters for Global Change Research

Session ID#: 2921 (Biogeosciences)

07-10-2014Participate in this social computing experiment at NASA AMES,
NEX Workshop

Forestsat 2014 conference in Italy.

Plans are under way for the production of our last VIP (V4) product suite. Stay tuned.

The MODIS Science Team Meeting will take place late April 2014 [MST].

Check this out.
Qatar National Research Fund [QNRF]is building a new model for science and Environmental research .

VIP V3 Data Record is now ready for use. Keep us posted with your work using this new data set.

Check out the University of Arizona Strategic Plan.
New faces, new ideas, same goals: It is all about money.

Check out the Google Earth Engine.
Very interesting way of accessing and playing with data.

More bad news....due to the Federal Government shutdown the PROSE 2013 has been cancelled. Prose organizers' message "We regret to inform you that due to the Federal government shut-down, this year's PROSE meeting has been cancelled. Many of our attendees, presenters, and organizers are federal employees who are prohibited from working until the shutdown is resolved.
We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We hope to see you at next year's PROSE meeting!"

due to the US Gov. shutdown, the Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP DAAC) has suspended the distribution of ASTER and MODIS data. Users will be unable to receive orders placed through Reverb, Earth Explorer, GloVis, the Global Data Explorer (GDEx), MRTWeb, and TerraLook. Users will also be unable to download data through the LP DAAC Data Pool, ASTER EDS, and HTTP.

Our AGU 2013 session received 32 abstracts and we will be organizing an oral and a poster session. The final schedule will be posted soon

the Lab. just hired a postdoc, Dr. Armando Barreto Munoz. He will be starting his job soon.

Fall Meeting Abstract Deadline Extended
Due to technical issues, the Fall Meeting website experienced intermittent outages throughout the morning and was taken offline at 12:00 P.M. to repair the service issue. The Fall Meeting abstract submission deadline will be extended until 6:00 P.M. EST on Wednesday, 7 August 2013.

And we just have a brand new Doctor in the Lab. Dr Abd-Salam El-Vilaly, was a Ph.D. candidate few hours ago, and has just successfully defended his dissertation today.

Abd-Salam El-Vilaly, a Ph.D. student at the Lab., will be defending his Ph.D. dissertation next Thursday, June 27th, 2013 starting 9am at the OALS office (6th ST and Campbell).

AGU Abstract submission will be open June 17th, 2013.
Consider submitting to our session "B046. B046*. Multisensor Long Term Land Surface Data Records" Check
AGU 2013

IGARSS Australia 2013 Registration deadline is fast approaching.
Check the IGARSS 2013

We have a new Doctor in the Lab.
Armando Munoz Barreto, just finished defending his Ph.D. dissertation and he passed. Congratulation Dr. Barreto.

The NASA Terrestrial Ecology Meeting will take place at the Scripps Seaside Forum, La Jolla, CA. And will start on April 30, 2013

The NASA MODIS Science Team Meeting is taking place at Silver Spring, MD, April 15-16, 2013

The NASA TE Workshop (La Jolla, San Diego, CA. April 30-May 2, 2013) is now approved and will take place as planned. Check the announcements.

01-24-2013 @ 1:15pm
The VIP Workshop just adjourned. This was a very successful event.
A total of 36 scientists attended and presented their research on- and with Long term VI and Phenology data products and a range of other data and topics.
All meeting material will be posted online soon. Stay tuned-

Follow our workshop live on line @
Live Link

We just started Collection V3.0, with advanced filtering and continuity this version will address all previous issues and builds towards a high fidelity research and application data record.

Check this out VIP Workshop

The Vegetation Index and Phenology Group is organizing a workshop in support of their V2/V3 long term data record.
When: January 23-24th, 2013
Where: The University of Arizona

More info will be posted on that web site.

Check this out New DataExplorer

The new DataExplorer V.0 allows the user to explore the phenology data record for any site on Eerth. Check it out-

Check this out The Amazon and Remote Sensing

The Applied Sciences Program in the Earth Science Division at NASA HQ announces a workshop on the SUOMI NPP (National Polar-orbiting Partnership) mission.
When: June 21-22, 2012
Where: Westin City Center Hotel, 1400 M St. N.W., Washington DC

V2 is on the way. We're almost done with V2 reprocessing and should make the data available soon.

Earth Day at UofA

At the UA, It's Earth Day All Week Long

The International Congress Geotunis - Sixth Session

“The use and the applications of GIS, remote sensing and digital modeling in the field of environment and in the management of natural resources and hazards”.
Visit beautiful TUNISIA in the process.
Tunisia, from 26th to 30th March 2012

11-20-2011 -
VIP is hiring a Post-Doc. For more info visit
Learn about it and Apply online

11-15-2011 -
Version 2.1 of our DataExplorer is now ready for testing and use, give it a try. Updates: Online Time series, Field images browsing and more.
V2.1 Data Explorer

08-01-2011 -
Version 2.0 of our DataExplorer is now ready for testing and use, give it a try. Updates: Online Time series, Field images browsing and more.
V2 Data Explorer

06-15-2011 -
Our Data Explorer is online now. Give it a try, and help us to improve it by submitting feed back, comments and suggestions. Data Explorer

06/7-9/2011 -
FLUXNET and Remote Sensing Open Workshop: Towards Upscaling Flux Information from Towers to the Globe.
FLUXNET Workshop June 7-9, 2011

05/18-20/2011 -
NASA EOS MODIS Science Team Meeting. University of Maryland.
MODIS Science Team Meeting Site

04/10-15/2011 -
34th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre 10-15 April 2011
The GEOSS Era: Towards Operational Environmental Monitoring.
Meeting Site

04/10-15/2011 -
Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual meeting. Seattle April 12-16, 2011.

Meeting Site

03-8/9-2011 - Second NASA MEASURES Vegetation Index and Phenology Project Review Meeting in conjunction with the Lp/ORNL DAAC UWG Joint Meeting in Annapolis (March 8-9, 2011.

03-8/9-2011 - Joint LP & ORNL DAACs UWG Meeting in Annapolis MD. :

12-13-2010 - Dr. Diane Wickland will give a Seminar at the University of Arizona on topics ranging from NASA Future missions, to Earth Science Research Directions, and NASA Research Opportunities.
Follow this link

12-06-2010 - NASA MEASURES Vegetation Index and Phenology Project Review Meeting.:

The VIP Lab. will host a science review meeting (January 4-5, 2011) of their NASA MEASURES' project. For more info visit the Meeting Site open only by invitation.

10-05-2010 - iPhen: A crowdsourcing tool for the observation of vegetation dynamic and phenology:

The VIP Lab., in collaboration with the Compositional Systems lab,at the ECE Dept.are developing a mobilde device application to aid in collecting field observations about vegetation dynamic and phenology.
for more info visit the iPhen website

08-15-2010 - Student programmer needed:
The VIP Lab is seeking a student programmer to work on various tasks, including image processing, php, java and web page related coding projects.
If interested please send a short CV to
the Lab.

07-22-2010 - Test drive our data portal:
The LP-DAAC @ USGS EROS and VIP Lab. have released their second version of their client ESDR data distribution system.

To test this distribution system please contact us and we'll send you an ID/Password.

04-23-2010 - Be a Scientist, really!:
USA-NPN Releases Nature's Notebook Plant and Animal Phenology Observation Program

04-12-2010 - It is all over now:
2010 US-IALE Twenty-fifth Anniversary Symposium
Athens, Georgia | April 5-9, 2010

03-15-2010 - It is all done now:
2010 NASA Terrestrial Ecology Science Team Meeting
La Jolla, CA | March 15-17, 2010

Thanks for your interest, the student positions were recently filled. Visit our web page for future opportunities.

Once again the VIP Lab. is seeking a student employee for the 2010 Spring semester, if interested visit:
Job Description.

If you wish to review and provide feedback on the ESDR product specification please send us an email
and we'll provide you with more infromation. Put "File Specs" in the subject line. Or you can use the contact us link below. More information will follow soon.

The VIP Lab., in collaboration with the USGS LPDAAC, plans to start testing a Beta version data distribution system. If you are interested in helping us assess this system please contact us. More information will be forthcoming.

seeking a student employee for the '09 Fall semester, if interested visit
Job Description


Welcome to the VIP Lab.

The Vegetation Index and Phenology (VIP) Lab. is part of the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering department at the University of Arizona. Headed by Dr. Kamel Didan. This research Lab. is supported by various NASA and international collaborative research grants. The Lab. specializes in designing highly specialized data processing science algorithms and in generating consistent, high quality and well characterized Climate Data Record (CDR) and Earth Science Data Record (ESDR) long term single- and multi-satellite data products in support of global change studies. The VIP Lab. works to produce and validate two key land surface measurements:

As well as other value added products related to land surface vegetation that are intended for use by the science community, federal and international agencies, and the public.

In collaboration with researchers at other institutions like Boston University, University of Hawaii, NOAA/ERT Inc., and the USGS-EROS LP-DAAC the VIP Lab. developed and end to end system for the production of global Vegetation Index and phenology products. The Lab. also carries validation and quality assurance analysis of these products.

About the Site and Lab.

The website is in support of all our projects and serves as a hub for disseminating data, knowledge, and information. It is housed at the University of Arizona, ABE Dept. Shantz Building, Room 501A

Project partners:

These projects are supported by NASA Cooperative Agreements and Grants

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