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The College of Engineering Summer Academy series of workshops is happening this year. Our group will be providing a series of training related to environmental observations. The preliminary activity and information could be access from this page COE-SEA - VIP Workshop - June 2021.
50 high school students are already registered.

NEON AOP will fly after a hiatus for a year due to the ongoing Pandemic. Full schedule @ NEON 2021 Schedule

BE 485/585 A highly innovative and modern course than bring Data Sciences, Methods and Remote sensing together. You will learn theory, data, algorithms, how to process these data, and some advanced topics about Machine learning, Drone images, and time series analysis.

MASTER OF SCIENCE THESIS DEFENSE Mr. Truman P. Combs “A Remote Sensing Method for Estimating Productivity Measures in Guayule Using High-Resolution Spectral and Structural Data” Tuesday November 24, 2020 at 1:30 PM Attend via Zoom at: - Password: email us Committee Chair: Dr. Kamel Didan Committee Members: Dr. David Dierig, Dr. Christopher Jarchow & Dr. Peter Waller

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