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Our not so regular news letter

In this section of the web site, we will post news about our NASA MEaSUREs' project. Although we will try to update this section with relevant news, the aim is not to do this regularly, hence the not so regular prefix. The idea is to keep you informed about our progress, post useful information about our ESDR products, and address user queries. This newsletter can be accessed from our web site (what you are doing now), or if you wish you can register (top menu) to receive the newsletter in your email box.
    The news letter will be divided into four sections:
  • Our NASA MEaSUREs' project progress:
  • Covering mostly logistics and happenings around the project as we labor towards our first beta product. FYI, our project plans to have the first batch of beta ESDR products (Collection 1.0) available at around the end of year 2 (2010-2011). Till then we will post added value and intermediary data sets that users might find useful. For example, we plan to produce a project specific daily global vegetatin index product from the MODIS sensor and we will make it available to users with no delays. Similarly, we will produce additional Vegetation Indices that agaion we will desiminate as soon as they are deemed useful.
  • Production status:
  • If you are interested in learning about the ESDR production status we will let you know what is available or when will things be available. This section will report on production progress, data quality, and product specifications.
  • User inquiries:
  • We plan to involve our user community in this project, in fact our sponsor, NASA, is encouraging this approach, i.e., users are involved in the production of these long term ESDSRs, their specifications, and of course validation. The easiest way to get involved is to ask questions about the ESDR product. These questions will be answered and posted to benefit every body. Similalry, some users may choose to be beta product evaluators, or choose to report on their ESDR product based research, etc... We will post tools, tricks, and useful ideas aimd at making orking with our product as easy as possible. You can also contribute any relevant news to this section and we will be happy to include it.
  • VIP Lab. news:
  • Well, obvioulsy we would like to keep you abreast on what is happening at the Lab., may be you can come and visit with us sometimes if you happen to be around our Campus, or if you'd like to spend some serious time doing research at our lab, we'll provide the proper resources and accomodate you. We're putting together a state of the art, highly efficient science computing facility.
  • And of course you can suggest ideas for the newsletter and contribute if you have time.
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